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of Ms newly-instituted order of the *WMte Falcon of
The next summer Humboldt seems to have spent
entirely in his new palace of TegeL !N"iebuhr paid
him a visit there, in the commencement of June.
The next winter ZSTieTbiihr remained in Berlin, -when
Humboldt had again returned to town. He writes
in his letters^ that fate frequently dined at Humboldt's
in the beginning of IS237 once with the purpose of
conversing with William on the Ctampollionic hiero-
glyphics, as lie took a great interest in this pictorial
language^ and on the connexion between language and
writing in general. Xiebuhr says., "c One rarely can
enjoy such conversations here."" He admired the
whole family. The son-in-law. Billow, he calls one of
the most eminent men in Berlin,, and speaks of a
grandchild as an extraordinarily amiable child.
The yeax 1824 was marked by two deaths which
affected Humboldt deeply, On the 8th August F. A.
"Wolf died at Marseilles., as lie tad in vain hoped to
restore Ms health in a more southern climate ; and
on the 21st of the same month, the Count ScHabren-
dorf followed him. "Wolf had become more soured
and embittered since 1817, and he certainly suffered
many insults. iŁumboldt, however, always honoured
Mm2 although he did not approve of Ms eccentricity
and exaggeration. He interested himself to the last
for Ms studies and labours. We know that Wolf;
during the last years of his life, was employed on the
sketch for a Greek grammar on Ms own system, and
that lie was greatly encouraged and supported in this
undertaMng "by Humboldt. But the acknowledg-
ment lie expressed at Ms death best proves Hiimboldt's
esteem for the living man. He expressed it especially
in a letter to Vaoiagen von Ense7 written on the
3rd September, 183% in which lie compares him to
Goethe : " I have been thinking- much, of Wolf lately/*
lie writes. " Fate has made the distinguishing differ-
ence between him and Goethe in their general dba-
racteristacs. This may sotmd TCry paradoxical to yon.